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The Strangers Whisper

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Stranger passing by: "OMG, she is TALL,

Me: Yes, I am Tall

Stranger passing by: Gets all bug eyed and shocked that I heard their terrible whispers

Stranger in Walmart: "Excuse me do you mind getting this down for me and while your up there can you get two."

Me: Rolls my eyes "Here you go and have a nice day"

Let's Talk About It...

Okay first of all stranger #1 type people get on my nerve. They always think they are whispering. No, you are not whispering and it is completely rude. I do not get to walk around and say "OMG you're so tiny" How would that make you feel? No, I don't need you coming next to me to compare how much shorter you are than me and I definitely don't need you rounding up your crew to come see me like I am some type of abnormal being or pet at the zoo. It happens every time I go somewhere, at work everyday I'm there, if I'm just walking down the street, or even out just enjoying myself. Do I look like I want to stop dancing and enjoying my food to have a discussion about my height and if I play basketball or volleyball as if those are my only options. Thoughts in my head "No, I used to cheer lead and I was at the top of the pyramid because it was easier for me to get up there." Just stop!! I am going to start approaching people and saying "OMG you're so short and gather people to see how short they are. Then you want to talk sports, "are you playing peewee football still?" I'm so done.. lol.

Okay, lets talk about Stranger #2. Can I get this down for you. Sir first of all I do not get paid to reach things for you, secondly and most importantly I am not wearing a blue vest that says how may I help you. I clearly have my headphones in and my music loud so I do not have to interact with any one. You chose to ignore that and get my attention to help you do something that you could have asked the Walmart associate that just walked by to help you with. Then on top of that you want to be greedy and ask for 2. I'm done. Don't get me wrong I don't mind helping those in need especially those who are handicap or elderly. Its just you know when people are being lazy or trying to make a mockery out of you. This sincerely happens to my life. Maybe I should start asking short people to get something off the very bottom shelf for me so I wont have to bend down anymore.

My favorite stranger is the one who accuses me of being a celebrity, high fashion model or married to a celebrity because of my height. I like them because at least they are kind enough to speak greatness over my life. I let them know none of that applies to me but they insist it does. So for now on my answers will be "Yes, would you like my autograph." I have my pen picked out and ready to go. :)

Watch out for my YouTube channel :)

What are some things people say to you that grinds your gears or makes you laugh out of kindness? Not just height sayings either I want to hear it all.

Famously Tall Talks

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