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Tap Into You: What is Your Craft

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

During this Pandemic I have been spending quite a bit of time Tapping Into Myself. Spending time with God and growing in Christ, crafting, creating and one of the best things is writing. I have been working on my 2nd book for quite sometime now, but during this hour of stillness I have been able to truly write and make a lot more progress than before.

The book is set to come out June/July 2020. Depending on when things get back under control and open again. The book is "Tall Like Me" and opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a six-footer. I have had the amazing opportunity to ask fellow Six footers and Seven Footers their perspective as well to share with you all. Look for it this Summer on, book stores and other platforms.

During this time I challenge you to tap into yourself and find your creative niche or next billion dollar idea. I know someone reading this has it, it could be you but you wont know until you sit long enough to push yourself to conceive the vision and later birth it.

I pray everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time. Keep your faith in Christ!!

May your FAITH be BIGGER than your fear.

Book an interview with me while you have time to be a guest on my podcast. Worldwide offer.

Be Blessed!

~ Irene.

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