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Is Your Light Bright: Don't Shrink Yourself

Have you ever entered a room and everyone turns just to see who entered and they are just taken aback by your stature, you presence , your beauty and the list goes on. There is that one person who sees that and automatically becomes intimidated instantly. They will try to make you shrink and diminish your great qualities in seconds just so they can become the one receiving all the attention.

Let's Talk About It...

Simply put don't shrink yourself. When I say shrink meaning decreasing. Yourself meaning your value, beauty, presence, height, integrity, inner beauty, beliefs, etc... for any reason or anyone, ever. When you believe in yourself and have high confidence people can sense that some stay away, some are drawn towards and some try to tear you down so that they can now feel bigger than you. Rule of thumb, never dim your light and don't dim others light to allow yours to shine brighter. When people want you to shrink down it is your duty to remain tall, don't jeopardize your posture or position. Let that light dimmer know that your light can't be turned off! You don’t need permission from anyone other Han yourself to be Great!

Apply this to your relationship with your self and others, within your career, social settings etc...

You got this!

Be you Be Famously Tall.

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