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There Is More To Explore: Don't Limit Yourself

Being Tall no one ever approaches you and says you are Tall, you must be very smart or you must be an Engineer. They automatically categorize you to be an athlete. They are 110% sure that you were an athlete or currently are an athlete. They say " I know you played basketball," or "Do you still hoop." Unfortunately that is true for a lot of tall individuals but there is more to explore in life besides athletics.

I encourage tall individuals not to feel they must be an athlete because of their height. There is more for you to explore. Yes, you may have an opportunity to make it to the WNBA or NBA. Lets be real only a small percentage of college athletes make it to that level, every year. Lets say you make it that far, but what will you have to fall back on when you are permanently injured and cant play anymore or you just get cut from the league as a whole.

You need to know that you can be Tall and be whatever you want. Whether that be a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Engineer, a Scientist, a Pilot or an Entrepreneur. Not everyone tall likes sports or is even coordinated for that matter to play. Don't allow your height to limit you or others to categorize you and determine your future without your approval. Open your eyes and know their is more explore.

Height is a blessing not a burden.

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