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Is Height An Issue When You Date: Should You Lower Your Standards.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

I am a 6'4" Woman and dating has always been tough for me outside of the major qualities I would like for a man to posses before approaching me. Height is the issue a major issue for me, its not that they aren't out there, its just where are they at? I would like for a man to be Tall or as I say Famously Tall. When you are Famously Tall, you posses all things Tall aka Confidence, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally. I will definitely expand on that later but right now I would like to focus on the height issue in the dating world.

Lets Talk about it...

When out and about enjoying myself I notice the physically tall men just admiring my height and beauty from a distance, but just decide not to approach me. Then you have this brave and bold guy who is clearly waist height who always approaches you and wants your number, to dance, buy you a drink, or take you out sometimes. Yes, because I have to look down to see who is talking to me I refuse to take an interest in the guy. It's not as if I have to remind myself I don't want a guy shorter than me, it just automatically shows on my face, in my body language and it hits my mind like "this is not what you want and you know you don't want it, so don't waste your time or theirs. So I either end up not dating or with a lot of short guy acquaintances.

I would like to touch on this subject because many times by friends and strangers I get asked why am I single; I am single for my own reasons but I'll save that for another date. Whenever I choose to respond and say "because I don't want to date or marry someone shorter than me." "I want a man to be taller than me or at least the same height.' They instantly turn their nose up and eyes get all distorted and then they say the words I love to hear (sarcasm). "You might have to lower your standards and date someone shorter than you." I instantly get offended and say all types of nice things to them in my head (sarcasm). I ask them, "why do I have to lower my standards because I am tall?" You didn't and I don't see anyone else lowering their standards. These are usually women who are 5'8" and under and are married to or dating a man that is 6' or taller or just taller than them. It's like I don't want to hear that especially not coming from you.

I went maybe a whole 2 days were I started to think well maybe I should throw that card out the pile, because all that seems to be interested in even taking a chance at approaching me are shorter men and when I say shorter men, I mean they haven't even reached 5'10," that is just absurd to me. Yes, I have tried to date someone shorter than me but I got tired of resting my chin on the top of his head when we hugged and I just honestly couldn't get past that. Honestly as a woman you want to feel feminine when with you're man, no matter what height they are, but for me I just prefer to have a Taller man. Is that too much to ask?

Don't get me wrong I know and understand that love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and heights. I have plenty of friends and family members who are married to or dating men shorter than them and noticeably shorter than them. It is just not what I want for myself, what works for someone else doesn't mean its going to work for the next person.

I say this to say don't lower your standards and what you want because others tell you to. If you want to lower your standards you must make that decision for yourself. If you are a Tall woman and you want a Tall man then you can have that and you will have that. Just make sure they have all the basic qualities they should have in order to love you and treat you as you should be treated and allow the height to be an added bonus. -Famously Tall Talks

Why do Tall men choose not to approach Tall women? Why do short men love to approach Taller Women? What does my Tall community think?

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Madame Irene
Madame Irene
Jan 23, 2019

Thank you @t.trotter795! I am so glad you enjoyed this read. Honestly, I speak to a lot of women and we just have this thing about a guy being either the same height or taller. I believe guys are at an advantage because they are usually taller than most women. Lol, all of this is true; I wanted to date with an open mind as I still do, but height is just one thing I won't budge on and if I marry someone shorter than me I will not allow any of my readers to know... lol


Yo!!! That was a good read. I never knew you felt like that. That’s a great topic & tough to give advice on. Me personally....I never really cared about height. I’ve been attracted to taller women & never thought that it would mess with my manhood. I LOST IT when you said you give a guy a hug & your chin is on his head 😂😂😂😂😂😂. If a taller man is what you prefer then you should go for that but there are men out there that might prefer a taller woman

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