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Don’t Wait On Anyone: Party of 1

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

How many times have you and your friends or family members came up with a great get away? Made plans looked into tickets and places to stay but when it’s actually time to purchase the tickets no one is going.

Let’s Talk About It...

I have done this many times with friends and family it can be as simple as a night out. I am the one usually doing the planning, but when it’s comes time to put the plan into action it seems the reservation for ten quickly turns into 1.

I have missed out on a lot of trips and outings because I was waiting for someone to go with me and they didn’t feel like it or get MIA and who wants to go anywhere by themselve; is the way I used to think.

Now, you can catch me on a trip, at dinner, the movies, a concert, wherever by myself. Why?!? Because I have learned to stop waiting on people and start living. Waiting on people to enjoy life with you, you end up missing out on a lot. Trust me once you arrive where you are going you will meet someone there who is there by themselves and willing to enjoy the moment with you.

Just recently I messaged my friend and expressed that I wanted to go out but I didn’t have anyone to go with and the response I received was “ when had that ever stopped you!” i said “ You’re right” cant fool them when they know you. lol

It is scary at first to go somewhere alone especially if it’s dinner or the movies but it feels so good once you do it (courage) and it just gets easier. When you can go and do by yourself the adventure becomes so much more meaningful, peaceful and worth every minute. When you go by yourself then you get to decide every move you make, instead of being with a group going here there and everywhere. You get more accomplished when you don’t wait on people and make decisions based off of others.

So next time you plan dinner or a trip with anyone just make sure you book your reservation or ticket and if people book theirs that’s cool but if they don’t, guess what, you’re going! You will enjoy yourself.

I never understood quite what this meant until I got older and how important it is not to wait on anyone.

-Things appear to change when we change

Don‘t wait on anyone...

Where will YOU go next?

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